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Born - Jan 1931

Albert Scerri (Maltese).

Married, two boys, five grandchildren. Retired electronics teacher. Main hobby - Singing in opera and concerts, directing church choirs etc.

The files in this site which I transcribed mostly during 2007/08/09 can be viewed and listened to by NWC VIEWER, which is small, reliable and safe. Download from here.

Version 2 files are indicated by #.
Some files are available as
PDF melody & lyrics will be sent on request. Same for Karaoke.

If any music errors or broken links are observed - please send a note to .
The name of the file, measure number or other details should be indicated.
Thank you

When available & appropriate, lyrics in more than one language have been inserted to render the files singable by most.

Operatic arias & songs cater for all solo voices, including duets, terzettos, choirs and religious compositions - mainly all for

As far as known, files here are not subject to Copyright.  Free use of the transcriptions may be made for non-commercial purposes.
Albert Scerri

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